The zoning designation of a parcel specifies how the land and buildings can be used within the city's zoning jurisdiction.  Zoning districts are created to attract certain types of development such as single-family homes and multifamily homes, offices, neighborhood businesses, industry and institutions likes schools and hospitals.  Examples of zoning violations include illegal signs, illegal use of property and encroachment into required setbacks.

To report a potential violation of the zoning ordinance, call 704-736-8930 or complete and submit a claim form.

Lincolnton Interactive Zoning Map

The Lincolnton Zoning Map is the visual representation of the districts found within the Lincolnton Zoning Regulations.  The map was designed to assist citizens in identifying their zoning and understanding permitted uses in their zoning district.

Disclaimer:  Zoning regulations are complex and copies of ordinances should only be used as a reference or for initial planning. We recommend contacting the Planning and Development Department to discuss requirements and options regarding a property before making firm plans or decisions.  It may be necessary to schedule an appointment for a pre-application meeting to discuss large or complex projects. Staff assistance is recommended because there are circumstances where regulations may overlap or take precedents over others (such as “grandfathering”), conditions of rezoning may exist in certain areas, easements need to be identified, or a special district may exist (such as an overlay district).

Unified Development Ordinance

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is a single ordinance encompassing city development regulations for new subdivisions and zoning requirements that specify permitted uses, building setbacks, signage and other development requirements for all properties withing the city's jurisdiction.