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About Lincolnton Fire Department

The Lincolnton Fire Department currently has 40 full-time personnel and has 21 part-time personnel who provide fire suppression, medical first responder, rescue, extrication and many other services inside the city limits. Lincolnton Fire Department also provides automatic aid to several of the surrounding departments that are located in the county.

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News and Events

Latest News

   Captain Bowman and with the help of E-1, made a visit to Lincoln County School of Technology to teach about fire extinguishers and how to use them in emergency situations. The students From Mrs. Boston's Class were informed about the different class type of fire extinguishers and which one to use with the type of fire. 


Students were tasked with putting out a live controlled fire with a Water can fire extinguisher and a class ABC extinguisher 


Other News

   At the end of March and beginning of April LFD accumulated hours in Training. From personnel traveling, to having in house company training to better and sharpen our skills in protecting the community. 

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