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About Lincolnton Fire Department

The Lincolnton Fire Department currently has 40 full-time personnel and has 21 part-time personnel who provide fire suppression, medical first responder, rescue, extrication and many other services inside the city limits. Lincolnton Fire Department also provides automatic aid to several of the surrounding departments that are located in the county.

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News and Events

Latest News

   Join us in welcoming our new hire's.
Brandson Grainger, Mckenzie Williams, Luke Workman, and Jordan Leonhardt.

These Gentlemen are currently in our "Rookie School" and learning the basic skills and standards to start their career with the City of Lincolnton Fire Department. 

Other News

  On September 10th, LFD performed a Live burn on N Aspen Street, along with North 321 Fire Department and members from Howards Creek Fire Department,  here are some of the action shots from our training.


By training in a controlled setting it prepares and reminds us of the hazards to look for in a real fire emergency, where we become more aware and proficient in our line of work.