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LTDA Funding Request

  1. LTDA
  2. LTDA Funding Request

    Use this form to submit a funding request to the Lincolnton Tourism Development Authority for an event/activity/project that directly benefits tourism and visitor services/experience.

    LTDA funds are hotel/motel occupancy taxes paid by visitors in addition to state & local sales tax. The funds are intended to provide financial support for tourism-related expenditures including destination promotion, festival/event production, visitor attractions, and similar projects.

    Requests must be submitted online at least 45 days prior to an LTDA board meeting. Requestors will attend the LTDA board meeting for the discussion and board vote on their request.

  3. Individual requests, use your name
  4. This is required for the board review of the project budget, costs, vendors, quotes, designs, artist renderings, etc.  The more information you provide to support your request, the better. Include specific project request budget, expense projections, vendor quotes, design files, etc.

    Organizations should also upload their annual operating budget and balance sheet including all assets/liabilities.

  5. Include budget projections for any expenditures with specific items to be purchased (and vendors if possible). Be specific about exactly what the requested funds will be used for; attach budget/expense projections, spreadsheets, vendor/price quotes, design documents, etc. using the upload option above.

  6. Be specific - visitor projections, hotel/motel usage, audience radius from Lincolnton, etc.

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