Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Lincolnton Police Department to:
  • Establish meaningful working relationships by partnering with all facets of the community.
  • Improve police/community relations by building a bridge of trust between the police and the community, and by changing the perceptions of each toward the other.
  • Enhance the prevention of crime by encouraging community residents to become the eyes and ears of the police.
  • Reduce the fear of crime by removing physical and social signs of disorder.
  • Proactively eliminate criminal opportunity before people become victimized.
  • React and respond responsibly to calls for service from every citizen.
  • Find support within all branches of government, local business leaders, churches, and other resources which can be developed through communities working together.
  • Enhance community relations and improve upon the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided.
  • Challenge all community leaders to contribute to the community’s overall quality of life through varied services consistent with rules of law and the expectations of the community.